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About Us

World is a diverse land of opportunities, waiting to be explored by nature lovers. But, at times this escalade with the nature could cost much heavier on the well planned budget of yours unless pre-planned discreetly to suit it otherwise. This is when we step in to ease your troubles and let the holidays play the role they are meant to, de-stressing and relaxing. Let us be your exclusive holiday planner and guide, executing each detail to the point of perfection with elite travel and tour packages and hotel bookings for a package less ordinary.

We, at Discover the World Holidays, have an extremely proficient team of seven executives trained from the best in the Tourism and Allied sector to coordinate and meticulously plan your stays until every last detail is executed to perfection. Our Founder/CEO is a man with great vision and experience gained over dedicated work in the field with many renowned tourism companies before diving into the venture that would not only ease the vacation complicatedness of countless but also help him reach out the audience with greater efficiency by making their every stay memorial forever. This has been successful because a simple motto and belief of “Memories are forever to be treasured”, helping our team achieve the best team of satisfied customers across the globe.

Come build the countless memories that are yet awaiting your conquer!

Our Advantages

Discover the world holidays, plan the most memorable holiday that fits right within your busy schedule.
Only the best offers and services are offered to our valued clientele.
We are a team of avid travelers; there is nothing about a place you would miss as long as you’re discovering the world with us.
We take pride in providing a vast range of holidays, tours and packages in destinations are nothing short of sheer beauty, fun and everlasting adventure.
We strictly abide my all safety norms and also ensure that all efforts are put in for the most safe and sound trio your family can experience.


Our mission is to be world class providers of pleasant& memorable trips across the globe.


To carve a niche in hospitality & services with an irreplaceable contribution to the travel & Tourism sector.